Why Essential Oils ROCK for Autism

Why Essential Oils ROCK for Autism

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Why Essential Oils ROCK for Autism

Why yes, essential oils have been a critical part of our recovery from autism. My friends, essential oils are God’s gift to us for the mind, body and soul! We think of essential oils as fragrances or something in the chemical laden products from Bath and Body Works, but oh my they are so much more. They are therapeutic and bring immense benefits to our entire well being. The best part is they are user-friendly, safe (when using the proper brand) and elicit ZERO side effects!

We first began using essential oils for supporting our immune system because I was D.O.N.E. with the sickness that was never ending in my home. My boys were already immune suppressed from vaccine damage (we were tackling that head on) but OH MY I just prayed every night for the coughing, flu, lung issues and eczema to stop! We were dependent on the breathing treatments, steroid creams and constant trips to the doctor. It was time for a change and the minute I diffused a very unique and special blend it was GAME OVER for sickness in our home.

“{xyz} essential oil blend is effective against the flu virus and infectious diseases. When the virus enters the body, it is attached to our cells and then engulfed into the cells. The virus then integrates into our genomes and activate our cells to reproduce. {xyz} oil doesn’t affect the attachment of virus to cells. It does not affect the proliferation in our cells. But, it blocks the protein synthesis of the virus, thus it can’t be spread. Other essential oils also have this type of properties.” ~ Dr. H.K. Lin

This amazing blend of 5 critical oils that include cinnamon, clove, lemon and more, is ancient and time tested to support any immune system. We never leave home without this. It is the first thing I place on my children to make them a fortress at school and the last thing they receive at night when I diffuse in their rooms.


How can YOU use and incorporate essential oils?

First, I really encourage doing your research. I cannot say this enough. All essential oils are NOT created equally. I am happy to share what we love and trust if you would like to reach out. Let me tell you grabbing some oils at the local co-op is just not going to cut it if you want to create effective change.

Essential oils truly are the safest option you can choose for your family and feel secure about the health you are giving them. We use them topically, aromatically and yes we ingest them a lot! (gotta be careful of quality here too).

One way we witnessed the quickest improvement in our boys, who are recovered from autism, is via inhaling or “breathing in” the essential oil. When we inhale a proper therapeutic essential oil by cupping the hands over the nose, the tiny molecules travel up to the limbic portion of our brains. This is the seat of our emotions and behavior. Change is affected rapidly and safely, releasing stored trauma, negative emotion and even depression or anxiety.

Some of the immediate results we saw were in social anxiety, deep and restful sleep, as well as overall brain function and focus.

My husband was in awe and the teachers were left asking what in the world we had changed?!

EO’s are truly and undiscovered modern medicine. They are growing in popularity because of the immediate benefits they can provide your body safely and without the scary side effects seen in pharmaceutical drugs.

If I am going to choose something for my precious children, you better believe it is going to be an ancient medicine with divine intelligence.

There are some safety precautions you should follow with using EO’s but they are minor and really dependent on the brand you choose. This is why having a mentor or trainer with EO’s can be vital. I absolutely LOVE the community I am honored to be a part of. We encourage proper use, offer guidance and support as well as FUN! Strengthening our systems and blessing others with natural health should be exciting and give a sense of true purpose! Sick care and disease is definitely NO party, so why not try something else that has worked for thousands of years?

Essential Oils specific for Autism Support?

First, let me point to one article that shows the positive effect of essential oils on ADHD and Autism related behaviors HERE

We know that autism really is a plethora of underlying conditions, we especially found this in our case. Contributing to those things were food supply, antibiotics, parasites, digestive malfunction or leaky gut and heavy metal poisoning. We targeted each system and issue finding healing after using an array of natural interventions. Most significantly was the use of essential oils.

Some oils that have been very beneficial to us are:

  • Blue Tansy (not to be confused with tansy) – calming and nervous system (tics)
  • Cedarwood/Sandalwood – brain support and courage (social situations)
  • Bergamot (careful this is sun-sensitive) great for behaviors and confidence
  • Frankincense – amazing for sleep and brain support
  • Fennel/Orange/ledum a special blend to cleanse the liver and assist with detox from heavy metals

This is by no means a complete list. There are hundreds of essential oils that can benefit and support behaviors associated with autism.

Once you begin down the path of chemical free living, choosing natural over synthetics and learning the basics of essential oils your life begins to change rapidly! For many oils they are extremely uplifting for the heart, brain and releasing emotional blockages. These are pretty darn powerful and truly a gift from above for our use. I am blown away by that simple concept.

Oils work based off their frequency and our own vibrational energy. Again, this is assuming you are using a properly distilled oil that remains intact. Rose oil, for example, has the exact same frequency as the emotion of LOVE. Hello, pretty cool. That is why we feel the oil immediately upon usage in our nervous system and brain.

One you love oils you will always LOVE oils

This journey has been more than just recovery from autism, it has been discovery of our health and the choices we have as parents. Our rights are being taken away little by little, but for me, as long as I can choose what health care I want to subscribe to, everything else is just peanuts. Well, ok maybe not peanuts, but you get my point. Health care is Sick care! I want to choose what I allow to place in my families immune system. I value to freedom I have to treat my children at home away from offices infested in germs.

I encourage everyone to research and try new things! Especially if they are natural and safe like essential oils. Again, please just be careful which brands you will place on your children and possibly internally. Attend local seminars or ask around who is well respected within the essential oil community. You will find great health both short term and long with a few drops of oils!

Feel free to contact me to learn more! HERE

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I am passionate about educating others in the ancient ways of natural medicine. I am the mom of two boys recovered from autism and the wife of a high school football coach. I can be found educating other moms in her seminars, mentoring autism families about interventions available to bring healing and visiting the yoga mat quite often.

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