To Vaccinate or Not?

To Vaccinate or Not?

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To Vaccinate or Not?

When I first became a Mom I actually had the audacity to think I knew it all, especially about vaccines. I didn’t know anyone with a vaccine injury, so I had no personal connection to any of the “hot topics” that surround vaccines and the anti-vaccine community. I was only concerned with finding the best pediatrician for my son. In our initial visit I asked what his stance was and he immediately went into a rant about how vaccines do not cause neurological or behavioral damage or any other developmental delays, and that if we were to choose his practice I would have to abide by the CDC vaccine schedule.

It was after the first appointment that something inside of me said, “this just doesn’t feel right.” I started to quietly space out the vaccines and did my best to talk my way out of getting too many at once. I was pressured each time to get all of them and told that if I did not I would be asked to leave. So I began to research…

Big brother was 12 months by that point, we left that unfortunate place and headed to another one that was highly recommended. Again spacing out the shots, but it came to our 15 month visit where the Physician really let me have it! He wanted to “catch-up” big brother with 10 shots at one visit.

Complete malpractice in my opinion

I relented and allowed 8, and the rest is history. Big brother sustained a vaccine injury and we started on the road of research and recovery. These events caused us to question what we believed in and really commit to prayer that God would make it perfectly clear to my husband and I the decision we should make for our children. Choosing to vaccinate or not is a very personal matter and one that should not be taken lightly as there are pros and cons to each side of the equation.

It is important to begin the thinking process and come to an informed decision on your own, whatever that may be. Feel confident in your choice, because that is the parent you are meant to be! Trust in God and pray over this decision and research. It is “ok” to question your Doctor. Just because they have initials behind their name does not mean they make better parenting decisions.

Parents that choose to decline vaccines are not coming about the decision willy-nilly. They have put in hours of research in order to go against the grain. It takes more effort in deciding NOT to do something than to follow the crowd.

Starting the Decision Process

Listed are a few points to read thru and begin your own personal research.

  1. God created each and every one of us in perfect form from birth. He also designed our bodies to help themselves thru self-correction.
  2. We live in a world of sin, and bugs are a part of that. Unfortunately we do not live in the perfectly maintained and abundant Garden of Eden, so in our world there are risks for all decisions we make which also applies to how we take care of the land and our bodies that God has given us.
  3. Vaccines and other synthetics are lab-made chemicals, plain and simple. They each come with a leaflet full of detrimental effects. Vaccines are simply a weakened form of the actual strain itself, but in addition filled with adjuvants or fillers such as metals and preservatives that are designed to “hopefully” spur an immune response.
  4. Vaccines are made by for-profit companies where reps then “sell” them to Physicians; therefor there is no “un-bias”
  5. Our bodies are designed by God to have all parts work together for the whole “good”. It is impossible to target just one area and not see it effect other organs or systems of the body in a negative way.
  6. All children have different needs when it comes to vaccines. Unfortunately there is an all or nothing approach by many Physicians and the CDC.

vaccines sustainably healthy

Ideology against vaccinating according to the CDC schedule or choosing not to vaccinate at all:

  • No one want’s their child to fall ill, but our bodies are designed to correct and boost its own immunity when attacked. It only makes the body stronger and able to fight future bugs.
  • Vaccines have questionable ingredients (adjuvants, mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum) Many children can also be at risk since many vaccines are made in eggs.
  • Some have a moral dilemma with vaccine ingredients such as the rubella portion of the MMR which was begun in lung cells obtained from an aborted baby girl.
  • Parents should be able to make their own decisions about their children’s health. Each child is different, we are all unique and require a variety of options based on that. Mass vaccination for all does not fit the population at large. If you want to know HOW to obtain an exemption for your state click HERE
  • The current vaccination schedule is overwhelming to our children’s systems. 32 vaccines by age 2. 50 by 5! A typical 7 vaccines injected into a 13-lb baby at a well check around 2 months is equivalent to 70 vaccines in a 130 lb adult

vaccination schedule sustainably healthy

  • The real reason why many “bugs” have declined is due mostly in part to sanitation of sewage and waste, water purification and good food with health standards. These “things” we are vaccinating for actually were on the decline before that particular vaccine was invented. Example: Polio.
  • Babies and toddlers have a blood brain barrier that is not closed until around age 5. Injecting foreign substances into a still-developing brain and immune system can easily travel to the brain and cause toxicity, especially if that child is not efficient at dispelling metals from their body.
  • Remember when the kid on your block got chicken-pox and every child went over to get exposed to it so they would build immunity for the future? What is so wrong with that now? Instead they push a chicken-pox vaccine on you. That vaccine is not “immunity”. True immunity happens when you contract the said “chicken-pox”. The immune system is one BIG building block. And DO NOT buy into that “s” vaccine than rhymes with mingles. There are wonderful natural choices to opt for instead.
  • Long-term effects: Anyone notice the HUGE increase in strained health and children? To not accept the possibility that a link between the large amounts of vaccines and these challenges is just criminal.
  • This is an example from the insert of the DTaP vaccine:  HERE and HERE
  • The entire vaccine industry is a multi-billion dollar industry full of scare tactics that pays big money to push vaccines.

For Support of Vaccines: CDC all or nothing vaccination schedule:

  • The small amount of inconvenience or pain will be worth it if we prevent all possible transmission of said diseases in the future.
  • What we are vaccinating FOR is deadly to the population and especially children. They need to be eliminated completely and vaccines can help with that by making a large portion of the population immune.
  • If we did not invent vaccines there would be massive outbreaks all over the world.
  • It is solely because of vaccines that the most western countries have been rid of certain problems
  • It is stated that vaccines are not “complete immunity” but you are basically gambling that your immune response will protect you should you contract the actual malady. In vaccine literature there is no mention of a guarantee and future contraction is possible
  • There is no inherent risk in any vaccine and numerous articles and studies are in the media daily to debunk injury claims
  • They are completely safe regardless of age or amount given
  • If you happen to have a reaction it is not as bad as it would be should you get the real thing

All of the above was our thought process when making our decision. Weigh the risks and rewards and do the research. Remember that it is also okay to be in the middle . You can space out vaccines or pick and choose the ones that fit your lifestyle and family needs. Never compare to another mom or feel you have to change what you believe in.

Some helpful links for you to begin:

Vaccine Injury Court  John’s Hopkins study of how Herd immunity really isn’t all its cracked up to be

How antibodies and immunity really work

Dangers of injecting Aluminum even in teeny tiny quantities

Infant exposure to Aluminum in breastmilk

Synthetic companies  BIG Money!

I encourage you to take time to watch this


Want to find a vaccine friendly Doctor? Search HERE



I am passionate about educating others in the ancient ways of natural medicine. I am the mom of two boys recovered from autism and the wife of a high school football coach. I can be found educating other moms in her seminars, mentoring autism families about interventions available to bring healing and visiting the yoga mat quite often.


  • Handriecks Chidzanja says:

    Thank you for a very interesting and insightful article. I have a boy ( 4 years who was recently diagnosed with ASD and as a family we are still coming to terms with it. When he was young he was developing naturally and achieving the milestones well. However, he started regressing in everything: speech , motor skills and the rest and I suspected it was the vaccines that he was given. From you article you give the impression that you can actually recover from ASD as you mentioned you are a mom of ‘two boys recovered from autism’. I am very much interested in that as I was the given the impression, by expects that ASD is permanent and that you can only manage the it.
    Thank you again

    • JM JM says:

      Well from my research and experience you can reverse many of the underlying reasons that ASD occurs in the first place. like toxins, heavy metals, healing the gut etc… These are mimicking an ASD diagnosis in many children. It is always worth trying natural things, as they can only help. Feel free to email me if you would like more info. Blessings

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