The Asthma-Toxin Connection; Find Healing with Natural Choices

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The Asthma-Toxin Connection; Find Healing with Natural Choices

Why are the rates of asthma skyrocketing like so many other conditions running rampant in our children? Autism, food allergies, sensory, ADHD…you name it a child has it to some degree. There is absolutely no real scientific answer (its called common sense) to this rise, and until we stand up as parents and productive members of society to stop this madness, it will continue. Doctors, scientists and big pharma are not motivated to offer the true root cause if it means a blow to their bottom line.

Our experience reversing inflammation started with big brother and his recurrent lung infections, wheezing and so-called asthma. In his first 2-3 years of life most of our nights were spent in the emergency room receiving breathing treatments and steroids, as is western medicines conventional approach to management of conditions. I desired a cure for my boys both within the diagnosis of autism, but also the contributing factors such as lung function. Masking my sons symptoms without seeking the root cause never sat well with me, and it shouldn’t with you either. Western medicine is sick care, not health care. Do they get paid for healthy children? No, so where is the motivation then to seek truth in root causes, especially when it comes to autism!

Wheezing and other Symptoms

Lets start with some background info. Coughing and wheezing are typically what we experience when it comes to asthma. That whistling sound you can hear when placing ear to babies chest upon respiration, or even a squeaking sound. There is a tightening of the muscles and often occurs as an allergic response or from colds, flu even exercise. Inflammation ensues due to mucous that builds in the airway. I will offer some effective natural ways to target inflammation at the end that offer zero side effects, as opposed to the laden amount in pharmaceutical drugs that will most certainly be offered you in the doctors office.

The inflammation process results in that tight and dry cough characteristic of asthma, while the mucous creates the persistent cough to try and clear it. With our son we saw this happen mostly at night, hence the 2 am trips to the emergency room. Cortisol levels are at their lowest at night, so the inflammatory response is more prominent. Basic markers of asthma:

  • Rumbling sounds in the chest
  • wheezing
  • shortness of breath
  • coughing
  • rapid breathing
  • faster heart rate
  • overall difficulty breathing

Often we see these with “triggers” like allergens, environmental pollution, toxic substances, emotional stress or a response to viruses. The severity really determines how vigilant you as the parent needs to be in avoiding those exposures, but also supporting the body with natural substances that target the root cause of inflammation at the cellular level.

So why does my child have asthma?

There are many factors that can contribute such as genetic history, health of the mother during pregnancy, which then directly affects babies immune function. The good news is these can very possibly be overcome by natural approaches! Even the development of asthma after birth can be reversed or significantly diminished without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.


Exposure to chemicals in the home have a direct link to the development of asthma. This can be smoke, chemical cleaners (yes even that so-called “green cleaner” has chemicals!), mold, damp air, and bug infestations; cockroaches being the worst. Pesticides, herbicides and synthetic air fresheners too, there is simply no need to use a glade plug-in, febreeze or commercial cleaning supplies when you can use something as potent yet natural as essential oils. We use an amazingly safe essential oil-based cleaner that has the happy little side effect of boosting the immune system as well!


Yes, of course I am going here! Vaccines are a risk factor plain and simple, no way around it, read the insert. Vaccines create a shift in the immune system with overactive antibody production. Your baby is born with immature organ function and digestive ability, adding to it this a dangerous response can be at the very least harmful to the bodies ability to ward off infection and conditions like asthma, and at the very worst lethal. Their little systems are growing and maturing at the same time, while also learning to eat, digest and grow. That’s a lot for a little one, why further confuse the process with chemical adjuvants present in vaccines and synthetics?

Asthma has more than doubled in children since the 70’s, couple that with the massive uptake in vaccines given, and it doesn’t take “smoke and mirrors science” to fool me. If one thing increases along with another, there is causation plain and simple. Certainly there are other risk factors that contribute to asthma, like environmental pollution and allergens in the home, but our air is actually cleaner today than in the 70’s and 80’s so it doesn’t fly with me. I will return back to vaccines and the absolute overload of toxins each and every time.


 The Eczema-Asthma Link

So hey, did your child have eczema as a baby or toddler? Pretty common nowadays. The amount of posts I see on Facebook with mothers begging for “advice” on eczema is insane! Skin is a completely separate post, but I will touch briefly on the fact that your skin is the largest organ. If it has eruptions and looks angry…it is! Its angry at you for putting toxins in it, and what happens when one of our largest elimination routes tries and tries to get rid of garbage, and all parents do it is run to the doctor for a barrage of steroid creams? Can you imagine the frustration their systems must feel at having all that junk stuffed right back in? Well, it must find another elimination route called the lungs. Children who experience suppressed eczema in infancy and toddler years are 3x more likely to present with asthma. That my friends is called a root cause which western medicine will not address. If your child is suffering with eczema, use something natural with zero side effects to heal it, halting the trip down the asthma road.

Why Drugs don’t work to Heal

The mere concept of a drug is far from healing. Think about that…if the motivation was to heal then there would be no money tied to pharmaceuticals. Instead it is the most profitable industry out there, so would they rather you continue on your drugs or taper off? I think the answer is pretty clear. Conventional treatment of asthma is with steroids and bronchodilators. The most common being albuterol; side effects are increased heart rate, sleeplessness, jittery and hyperactive behavior. Sounds like a whole lot of messing with the nervous system going on! Next, would be a steroid which is commonly used to reduce inflammation and thus the mucous. Often pediatricians will prescribe a steroid inhaler for everyday use. Nevermind the crazy side effects of this drug.

  • suppression of growth hormones
  • resulting in growth delays
  • deeper, husker voice (particularly concerning for girls)

Simply put, drugs toxify, suppress, confuse and bring a whole host of side effects. They are not “real”, nor alive as substances are in nature. They act against the very desire of our bodies to self-heal. Sometimes drugs are needed and in those events, I classify that as trauma medicine. Very needed, but the line has been so blurred its hard to even see a distinction anymore.


The Natural Path

Our approach as a family has always been to find the root cause of illness, thus bringing the body back into balance as a whole. Prevention is key and the most often forgotten in all facets of our health. As a society we are uber dependent on quick-fixes and overly trusting the doc, versus heading off the illness at the start.  I absolutely encourage a diagnostic test with a doctor or allergist to create a baseline and understand what you may be working with. Take that valuable information and begin to research for yourself, become empowered in your decisions. What holes there are in western medicine can be beautifully filled in with natural means.

Essential Oils

At first, we leaned towards herbs, tinctures and solely controlling the allergist response thru diet. We made headway, but not until I fully explored the safe and effective use of essential oils. This is not something to just jump right into. I researched for years before deciding on the particular oils we use now. They are the safest and purest which give me comfort, but most of all they work! We saw our sons breathing episode turn around in a matter of minutes at the first application of an essential oil. Here are some we use both in prevention and treatment at home:

  • Ravintsara – For respiratory or bronchial problems, it seems self evident that Ravintsara, with its high component of 1,8-cineole would ease breathing. It is highly anti-viral, gentle and comforts and soothes the lungs
  • Copaiba – Copaiba Essential Oil is the most powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients on the planet. It is unique in its composition, micro-nutrients and properties. Copaiba oil’s most prominent application is in reducing pain and inflammation anywhere on the body, and even inside it. It is very strongly anti inflammatory and if using the right product safe to take internally. But please do your research first or reach out to me for questions and guidance on essential oils .

Those are just two that we have loved, but I would also often use lavender and Eucalyptus Blue topically on the chest to ease coughing and tightness.


I will always be a huge proponent for homeopathy. Mostly because it is very similar to essential oils but also because it was a huge part in recovering our boys from autism. Here are some I keep on hand. Always see a trained homeopathic physician for guidance:

  • Sambucus – this is very beneficial for sudden onset of gasping spells
  • Cuprum metallic – used commonly for spasmodic coughing with a painful restriction in the chest
  • Lobelia – short, dry coughs accompanied by wheezing
  • Ipecacuanha – rumbling in the chest with wheezing, and this one tends to correspond more with common childhood asthma

Prevention at its best!

Consider the junk going into your child’s body thru the food they eat, chemicals used in the home as well as synthetic medications. Limit exposure to all of them! It takes work and planning, but isn’t that worth it to avoid a life of toxicity in their bodies which later will manifest in more complicated diseases.

Some simple things we put into place permanently:

  • Vitamin D3 and A – This is a valuable vitamin for immune-system function and most children and adults are deficient. Soaking up the sun is wonderful, but often not enough especially when we slather on the chemical-laden sunscreen.
  • Omega-3 fats – All babies need nutrients from fish oil for brain and nerve development. Guess what? Nursing mommas can pass these onto baby if they take a high quality fish oil supplement
  • Probiotics and prebiotics – this is particularly important for anyone (especially babies) on antibiotics. The body simply cannot fight the good fight when antibiotics swoop in and kill everything good and bad in our systems. We must replenish it daily with good quality probiotics. Strains needed are Bifidobacterium species, Lactobacillus and L. rhamnosus, L. reuteri and a yeast, Saccharomyces boulardii.


So what now? First, take comfort in the fact that there are many options to naturally address breathing challenges, asthma and viral infections! You do not always have to choose the western medicine route. It is perfectly within your right to question your doctor and ask for research on pharmaceuticals and side effects. Often just changing a few things like adding a HEPA air filter into the home, or removing toxic cleaners will make a huge difference. For more challenging issues I would recommend the use of essential oils; truly God’s unique medicine for us deigned with his impeccable touch.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions. Blessings to you!

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I am passionate about educating others in the ancient ways of natural medicine. I am the mom of two boys recovered from autism and the wife of a high school football coach. I can be found educating other moms in her seminars, mentoring autism families about interventions available to bring healing and visiting the yoga mat quite often.

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