A Simple Moms Perspective on the Measles Deception

A Simple Moms Perspective on the Measles Deception

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A Simple Moms Perspective on the Measles Deception

Call me simple-minded, call me un-educated and you can even call me careless, it doesn’t phase me. Why? Because we have been thru the deepest darkest hole with our boys sustaining a vaccine injury then cast onto the spectrum with leaky gut and severe immune complications~yes I can thank vaccines for that. Go ahead and point the finger at me casting judgement and even sending me (big pharma funded) research studies showing there is NO link with autism or any other disorders, but I will happily forward it right back and ask you to send me ONE SINGLE double-blind research study proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that vaccines are 100% safe and 100% effective to totally preventing all they are designed to.

You cannot. It doesn’t exist.

We live in a society of fear mongering and scare tactics bullying unsuspecting parents into shooting their children up with chemicals and harmful adjuvants all in the name of “herd immunity”. I’ll get to that in a second, but for now our story of redemption from the grip of ASD is what drives me to stand strong against reckless physicians who are unable to accept a parents right to choose and research what nature attempts to teach us about strong immune systems.

I live in the heart of the so-called measles outbreak near Disneyland and you know what we did? We went to Disneyland and enjoyed a fun filled family day without hesitation or fear. We do not fear the measles we respect it and know exactly how to support our healthy immune systems. All parents need to educate themselves on the pros and cons of contracting it, as well as the history of this once common childhood “rite of passage”. Parenting is NOT a popularity contest. If you treat it that way and conform to what society wants, the repercussions may just leave you in a ball of tears while you watch your child struggle because the perfect system God gave them was now invaded by man’s modern chemicals.

measles deception sustainably healthy vaccines

We cannot play the hand of God.

Since the fall of man (were talking Adam and Eve people) scripture has made it very clear that we live in a world of sin combined with free will. What does that mean to me? As a society we make our own decisions, God allows us to exhibit this freedom of choice just as Eve decided to eat the forbidden fruit. Now, you might think I am crazy for comparing measles or something tragic like a “so-called deadly” childhood disease to sin and God; but stop and think about that whole concept for a minute…or a few days, its pretty heavy.

God made us perfectly sinless from the start…man chose free will over God’s perfect design…thus sin enters the world…we can follow the directives given to us in the Bible or not…challenges and death are a part of the fall of man…nature is cyclical and there is an ebb and flow based on mans decisions…then we interfere thinking man made synthetic substances will eradicate all harm and inconvenience we face…it doesn’t, only gets worse, and societies health is at all-time high levels of toxicity…but lets blame the unvaccinated. Such a great system we have going right?

John 16:33 – These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

God makes it very clear that our faith rests in him for protection, not man. This may sound cruel as if I do not care about a child dying from measles, obviously that is not the case. What I interpret in the Bible is that part of free will is choosing God over man, sometimes that means death (by his greater plan). What we can CHOOSE to do is lead others on the path of righteousness and use Gods gifts to us in his design, this includes protecting helpless children in third-world countries from synthetics and giving them life thru clean water and good food~not synthetics. Newsflash, God did not design our bodies to accept foreign substances. He did place filtering mechanisms in us, but what happens when that overflows with generation after generation of toxic load? Disaster.

Herd Immunity is all Smoke and Mirrors

For reals lets put this all into perspective with my simple minded mommy view. I am not an immunologist nor do I want to be. In fact, if you want to follow the best one with research backed evidence to support the fallacies of herd immunity I highly recommend Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych Ph.D. here.  I’m all for what makes sense to the average Joe.

Herd Immunity 101

Herd immunity is the belief that if a certain portion of the population becomes immune to a disease the rest of the population will be protected from measles or anything else. Sounds great, except herd immunity only applies to (measles) derived naturally that give one lifetime immunity. A vaccine is deemed effective if it introduces an antigen but that antigen may not cause an antibody response but if it does, won’t necessarily give one immunity, but if it does, only provides temporary immunity. In other words, effective doesn’t equal protective. You can have the antibodies and still getsick. Major fail. livingwhole.org

myth of herd immunity sustainably healthy

Measles (and pretty much all common childhood challenges) were on a decline well before vaccines were introduced. This speaks to the power of nature and an amazing development called clean water and sanitation! What struck me on the falsehood of herd immunity is that the most susceptible group are babies age 0-15 months. Ok, so if measles is passed from the mom (who naturally acquired measles and then had permanent life-long immunity) to her unborn infant which protects them from birth until 15 months, in which that child now contracted measles at lets say age 5, who then went thru the very same pattern of passing to her infant and protecting them from birth to 15 months. Ok you get the picture. Cycle..repeat…cycle…repeat.

NOW, enter a vaccine that ERADICATES natural 100% immunity and replaces it with fake and synthetic substances by tricking our bodies. We now pass nothing to our babies, they pass zero onto their babies. Measles was NEVER a threat to infants because of this very cycle. The highest risk group of deadly complications from measles is birth to 15 months. The push to keep herd immunity going has NOW made the measles a threat to young infants who cannot receive the so-called protection of a vaccine, because the very vaccine itself is not, and never will be 100% protection, no matter how many boosters you receive. Period.

Some facts about our current state of lies regarding effectiveness of vaccines:

  • diseases were on the decline BEFORE vaccines hit the market
  • medical advances have improved, sanitation, water, food (well that’s debatable) all a direct link to declines in disease
  • We currently have the sickest and most unhealthy nation, with aaaaalllllllllll these advances, this generation will be the first to most likely NOT outlive their parents
  • since vaccines have been introduced, there actually has never been ONE disease eradicated, you simply cannot outsmart nature
  • Vaccines do cause adverse reactions (and they cannot deny Autism is one of them) Its listed on the leaflet of side effects, if it wasn’t true it wouldn’t be in ink, couple that with an immune compromised nation of kids and voila! by the year 2025 1 in 5 boys will be on the spectrum
  • The adjuvants in each vaccine is pretty scary, like REALLY scary. When did it become ok to shoot mercury into the blood? Mercury is the second most poisonous element on this Earth, but totally fine for my newborn with ZERO defenses  (please, next time you are in for your shots ask for the leaflet and read it….IN FRONT OF YOUR DOCTOR…OUT-LOUD)
  • Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and there are absolutely no safety standards for injecting this into children. NONE. That means for big pharma it’s a free for all!

 Some simple-minded facts about measles:

“Oh wait, what about Disney? Your sanitation and nutrition argument doesn’t fly. Actually it does. There have only been 33 cases of measles so far this year which is right on target with the few hundred we normally have each year. Guess how many deaths there have been? Zero. Guess how many have vitamin A deficiencies? We have no idea. We’d rather blame the comeback of a disease that never left on those horrible anti-vaxxers. If you still can’t wrap your mind around the fact that nutrition plays a role, ask yourself how many people you have met with scurvy? Black plague? Tuberculosis? Even the World Health Organization says severe measles can be prevented by vitamin A. Get on board with the science my friends.” Visit HERE for more

  • age group at most risk is birth to 15 months, but remember we have taken away “naturally acquired protection”
  • The measles is a virus and the body is fully capable of fighting invaders on its own
  • Is it really deadly though? Yes, In a country with poor sanitation, unclean water and poor nutrition. These children (mostly in Africa) need CLEAN WATER not a measles vaccine Bill Gates! Here in the US~absolutely not considered deadly
  • The “naturally acquired” measles virus provides protection against, tumors, degenerative bone diseases, allergies, asthma and immune diseases. We traded that for something fake and look at the rates of all theses conditions listed in our current society, I have never seen people sicker than today
  • We have more than quadrupled the amount of vaccines a child receives from birth to age 5 and we are still experiencing “outbreaks”. Huh? So much for herd immunity. Where is that scientific research study to show vaccines are 100% effective??
  • We are actually over the acceptable rates of vaccinated individuals, yet still outbreaks happen. Hmmmm

STOP the fear mongering depicting a child with an iron-lung and show me some pics of what the normal course of the measles looks like! You will see that if the CDC and Ad campaigns started showing those, then fear would no longer exist.

measles vaccines outbreak sustainably healthy

And I am so OVER parents pointing the finger at my child and casting unfounded, ill-researched judgement:

“It is preposterous to think that a child who is vaccinated no longer carries the bacteria or the viruses that they have been vaccinated against. If, in fact, children are vaccinated, then why are parents and public health authorities afraid that non-vaccinated children are somehow carrying something that their children are not, when they should feel comfortable that their children are vaccinated? You can’t have it both ways…

You can’t vaccinate believing that your children are protected and then feel that your children are not protected because somehow, some non-vaccinated child is carrying some secret organism that no-one else is carrying. You can’t have it both ways. It just doesn’t make any sense”. -–Dr. Palevsky, board certified pediatrician in New York

Vaccines simply do not provide lifelong protection against disease. They never have, they never will, and anyone who claims otherwise is lying to you. This is why vaccinated individuals have to continually get “booster” shots to extend the duration of their immunity, which in and of itself is already greatly limited compared to the lifelong immunity the body would develop naturally in response to disease exposure without vaccines. Read more HERE

Second there is something called vaccine shedding:

“The attenuated viruses in MMR can occasionally and to a limited extent be shed from a vaccinated individual into the environment,” admits Merck & Co., manufacturer of the combination measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. “The number of vaccinated individuals that do shed the virus is quite small but it definitely does occur, and so as a consequence of that there is a small probability that unvaccinated individuals could pick up some form of shed vaccine virus.” But lets blame all the unvaccinated children right?

Scared of the measles? NO, and even my own father calling me up asking me what I am going to do about this “outbreak” still does not convince me to inject toxic chemicals into my children ever again. I would take getting the measles over autism any day of the week because it is relatively mild and I have all the defenses needed to combat in the comfort of our own home.

STAND up to your Physician

I have been there countless times. Arguing back and forth about effectiveness of vaccines and my parental rights with a pediatrician who best argument is “well I vaccinate my kids, so clearly I think its safe”. Great! Good for you! And you also told me your son has asthma and is on two inhalers…no coincidence right? Your fired! Parents wake-up, you have a choice so execute it. Why in the world do you even need to go to the doctors office and be exposed to germs in the first place. Unless there is real cause for concern, don’t go since it’s just a ploy to get you in for shots.

You are the parent, this is YOUR child, if you do not feel right about vaccines then stand by your rights. We need to boycott those physicians until they can accept that we live in a free country AND show you a study that vaccines are 100% effective and safe. When are big pharma and negligent doctors going to be held accountable? We must stand up!

We have learned so much thru recovering our boys and my hope and prayer is to pass along what we have learned to be effective in the hopes of saving one child at a time.

Blessings to you all and release the fear…

Helpful links:

Research to support the use of Vitamin A to target Measles HERE

California Outbreak and pushing fear mongering HERE

Scientific studies on vaccines HERE







I am passionate about educating others in the ancient ways of natural medicine. I am the mom of two boys recovered from autism and the wife of a high school football coach. I can be found educating other moms in her seminars, mentoring autism families about interventions available to bring healing and visiting the yoga mat quite often.

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