Radio Interview with the Vaccine Myth

Radio Interview with the Vaccine Myth

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Recovery is not a Myth

Our boys are now neurologically healthy. Yup, you read that right. They NO LONGER qualify for any assistance or therapy. Recovery is real and it is time for a meaningful conversation about it. I often wonder where we would be if my husband and I accepted the prognosis from the “experts” we saw. The one Doctor who looked at my belly and said to stop having kids. Ummm, yes she is still practicing and parents unfortunately listen to her garbage. The neurologist that said our son would never live on his own or be able to care for himself. Or the pediatrician who laughed at us when we shared our sons rapid improvement in speech after starting methyl-B12 injections. They are experts who are ill-informed and cannot accept truth outside the allopathic realm.

This is the Hate Debate. If any parent who is faced with the devastating and challenging diagnosis of the “spectrum” wishes to seek answers…support them! Don’t minimize their claims that their child was vaccine injured, or “changed” after a round of 8 shots in one visit, or that they want to give their precious child every opportunity to have the best quality of life they can.

The culture in this country is to hate and discriminate any parent choosing to non vaccinate and completely dismiss any and all claims that those very vaccines injured their child.

To the Parents out there learning to cope with a child on the spectrum, there is hope. Do not let any group, friend, parent or Doctor tell you otherwise or dismiss your gut instinct.  We listened to that little voice and went thru every door that God opened for us, he closed a few also, but as we ventured further down the path we patiently saw his plan unveiled.

You can listen to my interview on the Vaccine Myth here: Vaccine Injury and Recovery about our vaccine injury and consequent hope we found in natural alternatives.


The Bandwagon

There are a lot of crazy “treatments” out there and some can even permanently damage a child if administered. We didn’t jump on any fads or “quick-fixes”. We researched night and day, sought out Doctors and treatments that clearly had our child’s best interest in mind.  More importantly we put our hope and trust in Jesus. If a treatment was not natural in its true nature we didn’t consider it. We know that our bodies are intelligently designed, so what we put in them must pass the litmus test too.

We kept it simple in our approach. Re-tracing each moment where our son was “toxified” by vaccines and the environment, unraveling it slowly, then putting the pieces back together in order to create a state of permanent healing.

Nope, it’s not a vacuum

Nothing in our body happens in a vacuum, everything is interrelated. Autism is an incredibly complex web where one behavior spills over to affect others. Behaviors must be viewed as parts of larger physical issues. Each piece of the puzzle addressed by finding the root cause. This same logic can be applied to any health issue common today.

Why is a child on the “spectrum” having these behaviors to begin with? THAT is where recovery lies my friends. When you can successfully pinpoint the “why”, attack it and heal it, you then begin a journey of recovery. Block by block you build toward the greater goal of healing.

Just Some of our Pieces

Neurofeedback advanced our child’s speech from one or two words to full sentences within a few months. Then we addressed other major physical issues (leaky gut, malabsorption, strep) and “magically” our child made great gains. The kicker? We did all this without any psychotropics that were pushed on us right and left. Synthetics in any form only toxify the body and those companies should be held liable, but they never will. Instead promoting their products as the only hope in the world of despair.

What are those problems?

  • First, the large number of children who are chronically or frequently sick.
  • Second, the large number of people who have chronic illnesses.
  • Third, the growing challenges to the health of people’s brains.
  • Fourth, the global crisis comprised of the myriad challenges to the health of people, including serious compromises to our food supply including food that is nutrient-poor, chemical-laden, processed and manipulated; as well as exposures to a range of toxicants, electromagnetic field and radiation exposures and stressors of other kinds, all of which may synergies in various ways to keep our cellular systems from functioning at their best.
  • Fifth, the state of our planet, whose bio-geochemical integrity is being challenged by the same sets of things that are challenging human health.

Do we see a theme here? Immune-related issues. What do we give every baby in the first few minutes of life? A vaccine that is supposed to trigger an immune enhancing response. Never-mind that very Hepatitis B shot administered is only contacted by tainted blood or sexual contact, why ALL newborn babies then? That single shot for a newborn is equivalent to an adult receiving at least 60 vaccines at once. But go ahead Mr. Pediatrician shoot my baby up with neurotoxins.

Add to that the fact that our food supply and soil is devoid of any possible nutrients. Hmmm doesn’t that tie right back into every system in our bodies? A double whammy! Our bodies, with zero nutrients do not have the ability to produce the response it needs when faced with the constant barrage of synthetics and OTC’s and vaccines.

Fix the immune system and you CAN see significant improvement even recovery

“At a certain point it is just semantics. Autism is not a thing, it is a collection of observable behaviors and if you have enough of those, you are in. Why is a particular child having those behaviors? *THAT* is where you can have recovery-if you can pinpoint the WHY.”

Targeting the Gut was a huge part to rewiring the immune system and consequently the brain. The gut was our “why” and we knew that it held the key to recovery.

1. GAPS Diet is crucial and you CAN do it, I promise. Seek out a great GAPS practitioner like this Nurse HERE to guide you!

2. Detox the excess metals from vaccine damage and environmental toxins that we cannot run and hide from. I highly suggest finding someone trained in homeopathy to perform this. It took us one full year to see each vaccine come out one-by-one and our Doctor was truly a gift from God to us! Every time a vaccine cleared big brothers system we witnessed gains in his development and his metal load decreased.

3. Boost the bodies response to triggers and illness. These are critical to our health and maintaining all the progress we have made. For a child, or adult, who is having leaky gut, the ability to take a natural substance that does not cause the digestive tract to feel strain is huge.

If your child has a two-page list of supplements and “natural” pills…It is TOO much. Once we started on proper treatment with our Homeopath we took that list down to nothing! If your child cannot process toxins, how are they going to handle a barrage of herbs and tinctures and pills? I am “all-in” for Natural Medicine, but as a whole, there are some things that just won’t work. Each of those pills still HAS to be digested, and if the gut is the problem to begin with, how can it digest most natural substances as well? (unless it is distilled down) It is like money down the drain. The body, in regard to “spectrum challenges” is in a state of malabsorption. We simplified by targeting each cell of the gut so it could work more efficiently and process what it needed to.

We basically took our boys back to newborn stage and rebuilt their digestive systems one day at a time, which spilled over to supporting every cell and tissue from the tips of their toes to the tops of their heads until we had two handsome packages of ideal health.

Don’t Fall for the LIES of the allopathic world

Recovery is a process and a long journey. Don’t do something because another parent did it, do it because you think it will help your child and you have prayed for God’s guidance. Talking to other parents can offer a starting point and help you weed out the “crazies”, but ultimately you know your child best.

Our sons are recovered and I’m very grateful that I was stubborn enough to reject the advice of doing nothing and just “accepting”. I am respectful of parents that choose to accept their child’s state, so I expect the same from journalists and parents who try and discredit our decision to recover. They are right in one area, God makes all of us unique, even those on the “spectrum”. But, does God command us to just sit and accept? Or are we to treat our bodies like the temple HE designed, and seek health?

Groups that do not support recovery are doing a complete disservice to parents everywhere

Without hope there is nothing. Without faith in Christ to deliver miracles in our children we are lost.

Doctors who are NOT willing to openly share the steps needed to begin the recovery process should not practice medicine.

Parents who are not willing to try natural means are selling their kids short. Yes, I said that. Understand that if your child was fine, then not fine, they can travel on the road to recovery and reverse damage that has been done. PERIOD. And if your child experienced a difficult birth or delivery there are steps to take right away and promote healing.

Listen and be encouraged by our story to know that you have choices and only you know what your family needs. Be strong, stay encouraged and pray daily for God’s strength and plan for your child.



The information on this blog is for educational purposes only and it is our life story. It is not intended to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please educate yourself and address any health or medical needs you may have with your physician.



I am passionate about educating others in the ancient ways of natural medicine. I am the mom of two boys recovered from autism and the wife of a high school football coach. I can be found educating other moms in her seminars, mentoring autism families about interventions available to bring healing and visiting the yoga mat quite often.

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