Modern Day Wellness with Anointing of Essential Oils

Modern Day Wellness with Anointing of Essential Oils

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Modern Day Wellness with Anointing of Essential Oils

O LORD my God, I cried to You for help, and You healed me

Psalm 30:2

One of the first books I purchased and read cover to cover in ONE night was about the extensive use of oils and anointing in the bible. As I soaked up the information, I sat in disbelief that over 1,000 references to essential oils never made a connection in my mind growing up in the word of God. In our modern age of synthetics and quick-fixes, we so easily forget about the perfect gift that has been made for us~his children. It is available for our use right at our fingertips, we just have to choose that path.

How many times do we read the story of Christ’s birth and causally gloss over the 3 gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh? Yes precious baby Jesus was given two highly prized oils at his birth, the value of which would have been thousands of dollars in modern wages. Essential oils are life-enhancing treasures that were given to the King of Kings, the Prince of Peace to protect him and honor him, and these newborn gifts were only the beginning as the Bible tells of Jesus receiving oils on other occasions, and his disciples used them extensively. Mark 6:7-13 summarizes this direction from Jesus to amount the sick with oils and heal them.

My appreciation and gratitude only deepens for the gift of intelligent help from God, how cannot I not use them on a daily basis and offer them to many who are hurting both physically and emotionally?!

Prayer and Oils

As we talk of anointing, we cannot forget about prayer and the significant impact that both have synergistically together. Our modern age society has lost the knowledge and practice of anointing with oils and prayer, and unfortunately most Christians are confused and nervous about this sacred practice. This practice of anointing is mentioned in the Bible 156 times. Under the Old Covenant it was reserved for those deemed Holy enough under conformity of the laws in effect, having nothing to do with a personal relationship of “knowing God” and the sincerity of one’s soul. However, under the New Covenant we are given a new birth with the death and resurrection of Christ. You can be a vehicle of Gods love to others thru the anointment of oils on anyone you care for or love.

One way I feel blessed to practice that is by offering emotional and structural balancing sessions with a specific application of oils. Here I can use highly purifying oils in succession to support the body and promote health. We can take the sacred and ancient practice of Old Testament anointing and use Gods gift to help friends and family who are struggling to find homeostasis in their systems. It is truly the best part of my job and I look forward to each and every time I can demonstrate the power of oils on someone in need.

Intent is Everything

To state is quite plainly, essential oils are gifts from God, special creations that are infused with his word. They are spoken into existence with his voice. Stop and think about that for a minute~If they are his word, then what do our words and thoughts mean when we apply oils?

Essential oils magnify intent and there is absolutely no coincidence that God directs prayer with the use of oils. Now, prayer will work without oils, and oils will still be effective without prayer, however the two amplify each other and increase the frequency of the oils. God designed it that way and I see it happen every day in our home when I prayerfully anoint my children. We have had great success with oils, but it was not until I combined this practice with prayer that we saw even greater health. I would love to list each and every instance, but unfortunately the big guys at the Food and Drug Administration would not be happy, so lets just say think of every “challenge” you have faced with your own littles and I can assure you we have too, but in a matter of hours things turned around.

James 5:14 reminds us: Is anyone among you sick… let elders pray over him,

anointing him with oil.

So my question is, why are we not doing this more?! The list of prayers requests for people suffering grows longer and longer in many churches around the country, and yes we need to pray but there is something very special right at our fingertips; yet we don’t use it. It should be the first thing we reach for just as they did time and time again recorded in the Bible.

Sold out to the Modern Physicians

Nothing confuses me more than fellow Christians completely sold out to modern allopathic means. Why is it that so many willingly reject something God made for his people, yet they are increasingly quick to fill anything their physician writes on a piece of paper? And what happens when the body begins to fail? Instead of asking for prayer WITH anointment they willingly get infused with chemicals and synthetics. We need to remember what is told to us in James 5:14, and instead resurrect the use of having the elders lay hands on us, pray for us and complement that with the use of essential oils before we turn to western methods.

Who is the Great Physician ~ God is.

If we reject what God is offering us, we are putting more faith in what man has made synthetically in a lab, than what God has created with his intelligence and care for his children. God’s only motive is for us to have health and fulfillment, while the motive of large corporations manufacturing synthetics is greed and money. Who has your best interest in mind?

Does that mean I promote turning our backs on western means, no! I trust in trauma help and sometimes we do have to reach for modern day approaches. However the best, safest and most gentle way of maintaining true health is thru the use of plant-based organisms.

It is time for a complete shift in how we view the practice of anointing. Every home can put this into place and reap the benefits. You need just three things: Oils, intent and prayer. That’s it. The Lord knows our heart and will use us to offer help when the need is called upon.


Some of our favorites are:

Hyssop – Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis), a biblical oil that was also sacred to ancient Greeks, has a fresh, woody scent that is slightly sweet. Hyssop is noted for its purifying properties.

Frankincense – Useful for visualizing, improving one’s spiritual connection, and centering, it has comforting properties that help focus the mind and overcome stress and despair. Frankincense is considered the holy anointing oil, where it has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. More recently, it has been used in European and American hospitals and is the subject of substantial research. Frankincense is also a valuable ingredient in skin care products for aging and dry skin.

Myrrh – having one of the highest levels of sesquiterpenes available. Sesquiterpenes are a class of compounds that have a direct effect on the hypothalamus, pituitary, and amygdala, the seat of our emotions. Myrrh is referenced throughout the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. The Arabian people believed it helped wrinkled, chapped, and cracked skin. Today, myrrh is widely used in oral hygiene products.

Cassia – Spicy and immune protecting. Apply cassia to the bottom of the feet to help feel empowered and help let go of the unpleasant memories that are held deep in the unconscious.

Myrtle – Myrtle (Myrtus communis) has a clear, fresh, herbaceous scent, similar to eucalyptus. Supportive of the respiratory system, skin, and hair, it has been researched for its effects on supporting the glandular system (thyroid) and adrenal glands.

I would love to help guide you in your journey of essential oils and incorporating the sacred and healing act of anointing in your home. Click here to learn more or to set up a one-on-one appointment with me.

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I am passionate about educating others in the ancient ways of natural medicine. I am the mom of two boys recovered from autism and the wife of a high school football coach. I can be found educating other moms in her seminars, mentoring autism families about interventions available to bring healing and visiting the yoga mat quite often.

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