Health Benefits of Grass Fed Butter

Health Benefits of Grass Fed Butter

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Health Benefits of Grass Fed Butter

Each visit to our Homeopath is enlightening and full of discovery. Yesterday was one of those times. I enter with a list of questions and my head exploding from the education I receive. We subscribe to the school of thought that health is a back and forth relationship between the doctor and the patient. This is why we have such a solid foundation of wellness in our family now, armed with knowledge and how to make the right choices for our children that do not risk dangerous side effects or slow deterioration of the body from poor nutritional choices and toxins.

This visit we discovered two things, that middle brother STILL has a vaccine that he received when he was hours old in his gut unprocessed and causing behaviors we have been unable to successfully modify. Check that one off now, as we will begin a homeopathic regimen to clear those toxins and get that junk out of his system. Side note~please do extensive research before giving your child any vaccines.

Second, that we need more (real) BUTTER! Big brother literally has some crazy obsession with butter, asks for it all the time and I have no idea why I had some weird hang up about butter. Maybe its because I have been trained like all other Americans to believe butter is bad news. It makes you fat, it clogs your arteries, raises your LDL and HDL and literally the worst substance you could ever put in your body. FYI the C word is not the devil. Read HERE.

Think again my friends, the whole campaign against butter began when synthetic and natural vegetable oils were created years ago. They were cheaper to produce and sell, and the attacks began immediately on real butter. Did they distinguish grass fed organic butter from that tub o margarine that is like eating tar? No, it was an all out attack against a food that has been a staple in many of the worlds cultures for centuries. Are we any healthier for it? I think not. We took away the one nourishing fat that our bodies crave and replaced it with a synthetic version all in the name of Richard Simmons and the battle on flab.

There is a dirty little secret that the food industry doesn’t want you to know about. It all about the money, the bottom line and profits. They don’t care about making you “healthy” in the true sense. It is a bunch of publicly traded organizations, and none more powerful than synthetic and hydrolyzed oil production. Unfortunately we have kicked Bob the farmer to the curb along with his amazingly nutritious grass fed cows.

Take back your health and eat loads of real grass-fed butter!

Here’s the scoop on butter as part of a healthy diet:

grass fed cow butter

1.) Don’t be fooled by the saturated fat lie!

If you want to fight the real enemy, it’s sugar and processed foods. What about the long-vilified saturated fat? Not so much. In fact, numerous, recent studies have found that reduced saturated fat intake doesn’t appear to reduce heart disease risk, and may have the opposite effect due in part to the processed fillers food manufacturers put in low-fat products to make up for the fat they removed. Now’s the time to show the saturated-fat-is-the-devil messages the door – and start putting some nutrient-dense, saturated fat back into your diet. Not with cookies, pies and baked goods, but with good saturated fats – like the kind you find in coconut oil, nuts, avocados and yes, butter. For maximum health, buy raw, organic, butter made from the milk of grass-fed ruminants, such as cows, sheep and goats.

2.) Butter will enhance your body and your health

Not all butter is created equal. Always go for raw organic and grass-fed. Not surprisingly, butter produced from pasture or grass-fed animals – those animals who feast on leafy greens every day — will be higher in nutrients than butter from factory-farmed animals raised on cheap, nutrient-free GMO “feedstuffs,” grains and antibiotics. If your grocery store doesn’t carry raw, organic, grass-fed butter, try the farmer’s market for fresh, local, minimally-processed butter from well-treated, healthy animals raised on pasture. After that, the next best thing would be organic, grass-fed butter that’s pasteurized. Though pasteurization will cause a slight drop in some of butter’s benefits, the pasteurized version will still be infinitely better for your body than any man-made substitute, virtually all of which are loaded with artificial dyes, preservatives, industrial solvents, chemicals and harmful ingredients. ALL dairy (unless organic) contains a plethora of growth hormones and antibiotics.

good fats sustainably healthy

3.) I classify butter as a superfood

After decades of butter-bashing, it’s high time we look at butter for what it is – the forgotten superfood! Butter, at its raw, organic, grass-fed best, really “brings it” nutritionally. So what’s in a stick? Health-supporting vitamins and minerals, such as:
CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, which helps reduce belly fat, protects against cancer and encourages muscle growth
Vitamin A to help maintain thyroid, adrenal and cardiovascular health
Vitamin K2 to support bone density and possibly reverse arterial calcification
Vitamin A, D and E, all key anti-oxidants that are essential to good health
Key health supporting nutrients and minerals including lecithin, selenium, magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine and more

4.) Manage your dose with a few exceptions 

Butter is delicious, but resist the urge to go overboard. In other words use it, but don’t drown your food in it. Think of butter as a few-times-a-week treat, not a thrice-daily necessity. There is an exception and that is for GAPS, which is the category we fall into. In our case we are supplying our children’s liver, gallbladder and pancreas with the enzymes able to maintain health and nourish the body since we steer clear of grains and starches. Good fats like butter and coconut oil are critical to support the digestion of carbohydrates. So if you eat organic, non processed carbs you NEED lots of good fats. If you still gravitate to the processed aisle in the grocery store, then maybe think twice and start first with removing those from your shopping list.

For big brother, middle brother and little sister, incorporating more grass fed butter into every meal will enable their digestive system to function better and we are praying will in-turn allow the brain to function more clearly.

Here is a personal testimony from Alicia, a GAPS Practitioner and Nurse who can be found over at Your Healthy Home Body.

“We not only use grass-fed butter and ghee (lots of ghee lately on intro phase of GAPS), but I also add in the high vitamin butter oil to their fermented cod liver oil. My oldest son had terrible teeth prior to GAPS (had to have 8 cavities filled and 4 baby root canals under general anesthesia prior to GAPS — I definitely wouldn’t do that now!) Since GAPS and adding in the butter oil and grassfed butter (which is rich in K2, necessary for good teeth and low in people with gut dysbiosis) he has not had a single cavity! (It’s been 2 1/2 years). So yes, we love our butter” ~ Alicia Dragic

We left our Homeopath and drove straight to Trader Joe’s to pick up about 10 bars of Kerrygold Grass Fed butter. Now, I do prefer raw and I also stock it in my house, but if you cannot find raw then organic and grass-fed is beneficial as well. Do not eat any dairy that is not organic, it is laden with growth hormone and can cause significant damage to your body and also slow your metabolism. THAT will make you fat.

Here are 50 Facts about Butter 

KerryGold Butter

Make your own Butter HERE

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