Don’t Believe in Autism Recovery? Shame on You

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Don’t Believe in Autism Recovery? Shame on You

Let’s get one thing clear, autism is NOT what the mainstream medical community would have you believe. The modern autism is not what Leo Kanner “discovered” years ago. What we are witnessing today is one of the biggest lies ever told to mankind and parents are falling for it left and right. Deception and fraud at its best, and it all stems from this question: “how are all of these children developing autism?”

“Every prudent man acts out of knowledge” Proverbs 13:16 NIV ~ where are you getting your knoweldge?


Autism is reversible, recoverable and preventable. If you do not agree with me I suggest you hop off this site right now because I will not allow your hateful comments. Parents searching for real options, hope and encouragement deserve better than people who are following the vaccine agenda. Fourteen studies to support the link of vaccines to autism HERE

This is not about pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, this is about aspirations for children who are trapped inside a body that is hurting from their very core. But it does start with the acceptance of a possible toxification in your child.

To the people who continually contact me condemning the recovery of our boys from the chains of autism, YOU are the deceived. Do not accuse me of trying to change who God made my son to be. Instead, think about what our children afflicted with the modern day autism deserve; a chance at a productive life. A shot at healing. A healthy body free of constant sickness.

There is no question you love unconditionally and celebrate the unique gifts your son or daughter has, I am not questioning that. There is no greater love than that of a parent to child; they are your heart in living form.

This is for the parents who have that burning feeling in their guts that something is missing, that more can be done, and the absolute faith that their child can heal.

If you ignore the pain that your child’s body is in with afflictions such as leaky gut that can be healed using dietary intervention, natural remedies that can reverse sleep disorders and improve brain function, then you are the one who is selling your child short.

“Autism is the emblem for modern human health. These children are the canaries in the coalmine. Those whose buckets were full-to-overflowing until the final uninvited drops spill over the edge. They suffer from oxidative damage, mitochondrial dysfunction, dysbiosis, and brain-based inflammation and autoimmunity. In the era of vaccine design, it was not even known that the brain had immune function, let alone that our gut microbiome is the mastermind of of our immune response, and that we must cooperate with the bacteria and viruses in our midst. There is no free lunch, no slaughter of bugs, no offensive attack that does not also undermine our own health.” Autism cover-up.

I realize many of you will throw up your arms and curse me, but someone has to say it. WAKE UP and open your eyes to the deception around you. Accept that your child is a victim of modern medicine.

I often leaned on this verse as we began down the road of recovery, “Get the facts at any price.” Proverbs 23:23 (TLB)

Why is it so hard to embrace that your child may have been vaccine injured right under your nose?

Why is it so hard to STOP feeding your child refined sugar, food dyes, processed food, gluten and dairy which are contributing to their guts literally falling apart before you?

Because YOU are blind to the deception that the pharmaceutical companies would have you believe, that autism is just happenstance. A run of bad luck or poor genes. Maybe the autism of yesteryear, but NOT the autism of today.

One of my favorite comments as of late on the facebook page is: “I choose to celebrate my son just how he is, and by you trying to recover autism, you are not letting them be unique.”

Oh really?

My son is fearfully and wonderfully made BUT toxic vaccines were not a part of God’s greater plan for his people’s health.

My son received 9 shots in one visit, to which both the nurse and doctor are completely “off the hook”; I can never hold them responsible for the injury that occurred in the aftermath. But wait, there is no such thing as vaccine damage right?

My son would not sleep thru the night from age 15 months-3 years because of the heavy metal toxicity in his brain. Levels of aluminum, barium, cadmium and mercury off the charts. Should I just let him scream all night long and praise him for who he is, or do you think I can use something natural to help restore his normal sleep pattern? Oh wait, no I should let him suffer, or give him a heavy prescription laden with toxic substances.

My son would only eat yogurt and drink milk. Hopelessly attached to dairy, a clear sign of an “addiction” process in his body, elevating levels of mucous which contributed to his ongoing ear infections, sinus infections and asthma. But I should definitely let him endure in pain, or even better clog him up more with synthetic prescriptions that contain more aluminum. Perfect. Yes, that is the right answer!

My son completely lost all eye contact, had no awareness of others in the room around him and I never heard him say the word “momma” until well after most parents experience that joy. I definitely should not hire the best therapists, enroll him in amazing floor-time intervention and devote my entire life to recovering him. No, let me celebrate him just like he is and close my eyes to the chemicals that were once clinging to his brain and gut.

Moms and Dads have no problem with placing their child in “therapy” but no amount of therapy will pull out the heavy metals, seal up leaky gut or re-train the neuro pathways in the brain.

Only YOU can decide to accept that your child is a victim. Let yourself go thru the stages of grief, it needs to happen. Anger, hurt, sadness, loss and grief. Then pick yourself up and go after recovery! What do you have to lose? Yes it takes sacrifice on many levels; financial, time, faith, research and devotion. It will be the hardest time of your life, next the receiving the diagnosis, but they deserve a chance to excel in the world and fulfill the potential that God originally set out when he formed this child in your womb.

“When I am afraid, I will put my confidence in you. Yes, I will trust the promises of God.” Psalm 56:3 (TLB)

Recovery is real. Recovery is hope. Recovery is throwing all of Big Pharma’s science right back in their face.

To that mom who contacted me, I understand how hard autism is, but I also know they suffering that your child is enduring inside and there are effective and safe ways to re-establish their system. You just never know how even a small step towards recovery can enhance your child’s life and yours.

Why not at least be open and step out in faith?

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I am passionate about educating others in the ancient ways of natural medicine. I am the mom of two boys recovered from autism and the wife of a high school football coach. I can be found educating other moms in her seminars, mentoring autism families about interventions available to bring healing and visiting the yoga mat quite often.

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