Ok, I Relent Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism

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The line I have heard a million times: “vaccines do not cause autism” Its true, vaccines don’t cause autism, at least not in the sense the CDC and your Pediatrician would have you think, and I actually could give a rip whether you side with me or not. It’s not about agreeing or disagreeing, its about […]

A Simple Moms Perspective on the Measles Deception

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A Simple Moms Perspective on the Measles Deception Call me simple-minded, call me un-educated and you can even call me careless, it doesn’t phase me. Why? Because we have been thru the deepest darkest hole with our boys sustaining a vaccine injury then cast onto the spectrum with leaky gut and severe immune complications~yes I […]

Why I Ingested my Placenta

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Why I Ingested my Placenta Did I get your attention? GOOD. You are either intrigued and have a desire to learn more information about this “taboo” practice OR you are puking in the bathroom right now and ready to unfriend me! Either way, here is why I decided to ingest my placenta and it was […]

Essential Oils instead of Inhalers and Breathing treatments

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Essential Oils instead of Inhalers and Breathing treatments Our home will never be without many of the respiratory support essential oils and for good reason! We have been able to really shift our thinking on pharmaceutical choices and understand the dangerous side-effects that come with these man made synthetics. It is important to note that […]

Natural Options for Mastitis

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Natural Options for Mastitis This isn’t a glamorous topic by any means, but a necessary one. Especially if you are that mom sitting and wondering what you can do that does not involve a prescription drug. I have a little secret…it’s kind of important to avoid chemicals when it leaches right into your bloodstream and […]

Why we choose Essential Oils over Pharmaceuticals

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 Why we choose Essential Oils over Pharmaceuticals Good gracious one gets lost in the enormous amount of information floating the net regarding essential oils. Each time I think about writing a clear and concise little article it just keeps going and going! So I have taken the “meat” of all the crazy information flooding your news feed […]

Colloidal Silver for Treating Infection and Viruses

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 Colloidal Silver for Treating Infection and Viruses One of my favorite natural medicine tools is colloidal silver. From ear infections to burns to pink eye, this beneficial mineral can help cure many ailments. It is naturally antibiotic, anti-viral, and anti-fungal, and, if a high quality silver is used, there are no side effects. Colloidal silver, […]

Got Molluscum? Target it Naturally

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Got Molluscum? Target it Naturally When it comes to being a testimony for natural health, I feel like we certainly have had our fair share of experiences. From Autism, ADHD, ear infections, fevers, sleep disruption you name it, we have weathered it. Nothing is more powerful than to see results from natural remedies and experience […]

STOP Removing Tonsils, Adenoids and Inserting Tubes

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STOP Removing Tonsils, Adenoids and Inserting Tubes If there is one thing I wish I had known more about before having children, it would be an understanding of ear infections, proper treatment, sickness in general, why it happens and how to put my investigative hat on looking for root causes. Unfortunately I was conditioned like […]

Language support with iLS – integrated Listening System

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Over the last year I have been secretly worried that little brothers speech may not be improving at good rate. Everything seemed stagnant and we grew increasingly frustrated at home with failure to understand him followed by the crying fits that ensued on his part because we had no idea what he was asking of […]

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