The Low down on Essential Oils and Special Needs

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The Low down on Essential Oils and Special Needs “My kid didn’t have a problem with vaccines. He’s perfectly healthy. Oh sure he has some eczema and doesn’t really sleep all that well. Oh, and he has a speech delay {he is a boy after all} and a little ADHD. Touches the walls because he experiences […]

Does your child with Autism have acidic stools?

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Does your child with Autism have acidic stools? Yes, its the POOP talk. Why? Because unfortunately so many children fighting a diagnosis of autism have high acidity in their bodies and struggle daily with painful, burning stools. Recently I received a personal message from one of my members which inspired me to offer some practical […]

MTHFR Mutation: A Missing Piece in the Chronic Disease Puzzle

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Our boys tested positive for the MTHFR and honestly I thought it was the craziest, weirdest name ever! There was nothing I could do to change the fact that they had it, but there was plenty we have done to reverse its effects. Orange essential oil has been critical as well as our B 12/Folic […]

Dare to Recover Autism

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Dare to Recover Autism There has been no greater challenge of faith, hope and waiting than in the recovery of our boys from autism. If you are currently caught in this place of shock and confusion, I get it! The feeling of loss, anger, sadness and desperation is more than anyone can fathom, but especially […]

Language support with iLS – integrated Listening System

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Over the last year I have been secretly worried that little brothers speech may not be improving at good rate. Everything seemed stagnant and we grew increasingly frustrated at home with failure to understand him followed by the crying fits that ensued on his part because we had no idea what he was asking of […]

Health Properties of Camel Milk and Autism

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Health Properties of Camel Milk and Autism You might be thinking that I am certifiably and officially off my rocker by the title of this post. I encourage you to keep an open mind while reading. When I first heard about the healing properties of camel milk I was intrigued and thought to myself “camel’s […]

Neurofeedback and Speech Delay related to Autism

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Neurofeedback and Speech Delay related to Autism This is our M-bug. Dynamic, fun-loving, always smiling, lover of trains and when he grows up he wants to be a UPS driver (apparently mommy gets too many packages). For all the love and joy he brings to our family he also gives us our toughest parenting challenges. […]

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