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Essential Oils instead of Inhalers and Breathing treatments

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Essential Oils instead of Inhalers and Breathing treatments Our home will never be without many of the respiratory support essential oils and for good reason! We have been able to really shift our thinking on pharmaceutical choices and understand the dangerous side-effects that come with these man made synthetics. It is important to note that […]

A very Challenging Time…

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A very challenging time… It has taken me a long time to write this post. Each time I would sit and type I could go no further than one sentence. If you have been following me for some time, then you know our story. One of an Autism diagnosis for our boys that turned into […]

Health Benefits of Grass Fed Butter

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Health Benefits of Grass Fed Butter Each visit to our Homeopath is enlightening and full of discovery. Yesterday was one of those times. I enter with a list of questions and my head exploding from the education I receive. We subscribe to the school of thought that health is a back and forth relationship between […]

Natural Options for Mastitis

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Natural Options for Mastitis This isn’t a glamorous topic by any means, but a necessary one. Especially if you are that mom sitting and wondering what you can do that does not involve a prescription drug. I have a little secret…it’s kind of important to avoid chemicals when it leaches right into your bloodstream and […]

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: a Natural Miracle

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Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: a Natural Miracle So you have heard the term therapeutic grade essential oils thrown around but are still a little confused. What does this mean and what qualifies an oil as such? Therapeutic grade essential oils are very different than pure grade, aromatherapy or even certified organic essential oils. However, with […]

The BEST Elderberry Syrup for Immunity

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The BEST Elderberry Syrup for Immunity With fall and winter season upon us, I choose to make our own essential-oil fortified elderberry syrup. You can buy this syrup at health food stores from anywhere to $10-$19, so making it at home is MUCH more cost effective. Elderberries have gained popularity in recent years for their […]

Why we choose Essential Oils over Pharmaceuticals

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 Why we choose Essential Oils over Pharmaceuticals Good gracious one gets lost in the enormous amount of information floating the net regarding essential oils. Each time I think about writing a clear and concise little article it just keeps going and going! So I have taken the “meat” of all the crazy information flooding your news feed […]

Radio Interview with the Vaccine Myth

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Recovery is not a Myth Our boys are now neurologically healthy. Yup, you read that right. They NO LONGER qualify for any assistance or therapy. Recovery is real and it is time for a meaningful conversation about it. I often wonder where we would be if my husband and I accepted the prognosis from the […]

Recovering Autism

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Recovery is Real We never thought it would happen to us, and there is not ONE parent on Earth that dreams of being the next in line. Unfortunately with the direction current statistics are headed they will. It breaks my heart. We put our faith and complete trust in Doctors to steer us away from […]

From Vaccine Injury to Recovery of Autism

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From Vaccine Injury to Recovery of Autism I am just a mom… I am just a mom. Pictured above is my boy who received a diagnosis of autism. I am not a world-renowned doctor and it doesn’t matter because our son was vaccine injured and I don’t need 8 years in medical school to prove […]

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